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While is getting revamped with a modern twist of positive vibes, be sure to follow her new Apple & Spotify Podcast
Uber Savvy® Life & Biz.
(season premiere and new episodes coming July 2023).  Topics include->

NO. 1 - 5 Keys To Accomplishing Your Dreams and Goals - Even Through Stressful Times


No. 2 - 4 secrets to taking imperfectly perfect action (coming soon)


No. 3 - How to overcome procrastination

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Meet Jade Elysan

Hi, I'm Jade,
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I'm multi-passionate creative, writer, actress, speaker, mindset and creative biz coach, based out of NYC, and in love with personal development, thought mastery, and manifesting a wealthy mindset to consciously attract abundance, happiness, and success. I've spent years cultivating an empowered morning routine that has supported my success in over 5 industries. And have mentored with top thought leaders in both the personal development and high performance coaching world, and across the board, hands down, our mindset and beliefs create our reality. All this incredible knowledge I've taken and streamlined to be super easy and practical, and now sharing it with you! Inspiring, encouraging, and motivating others to take inspired action is kinda my superpower!

Something cool you may not know...I'm the creator OF the
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