5 keys to accomplishing your big dreams and goals in life – through stressful times

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Hi, I' m JADE

Getting what we want, accomplishing our goals, and evolving personally or professionally requires a conscious focus on our energy in motion: our emotions. We can choose how we feel and react to whatever life decides to throw at us, but what happens when something completely unexpected, painful, or stressful forces its way into our lives? How can we keep the focus on achieving our goals and dreams when getting our heads out to breathe seems harder than ever? 

Welcome to the Uber Savvy® Life & Biz podcast, where you’ll get inspired and empowered to become aware of your emotions, be mindful of how you show up every day, and unlock your true potential. I’m your host, Jade Elysan, NYC-based Actress, Writer, Speaker, Mindset and Creative Business Coach. Every week, I’ll share stories and insights to help you achieve your goals, embrace resilience, and kick self doubt to the curb. 

Being consciously aware of what we’re going through and how that affects us is the easiest way of tapping into our true selves. It opens our creativity and simplifies our goal manifesting by aligning us with our true purpose.  

Tune in and listen to the first episode of Uber Savvy® Life & Biz. Join me and discover the 5 Keys To Accomplishing Your Dreams and Goals Through Stressful Times, this exact framework guided and helped me stay creative and productive throughout one of the most challenging times of my life, and I hope it becomes your go-to framework anytime you want to stay committed to your personal and professional goals, through stressful times.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about my background (3:40)
  • Saying farewell to my lil Lacey (7:50)
  • The importance of becoming consciously aware of what we are going through (11:27)
  • Key #1. Embracing resilience and bouncing back up from setbacks (13:43)
  • Key #2. Creating meaningful connections (16:33)
  • Key #3. Mastering time management and getting clear on your priorities (20:51)
  • Key #4. Cultivating a growth mindset and continuous learning (23:36)
  • Key #5. Designing a daily self-care routine daily to nourish your mind, body, and spirit (26:36)

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I'm Jade elysan

Jade Elysan is an Actress in NYC. Digital Marketing & Money Mindset Mentor, and On Camera Coach for Creatives, Influencers, and Entrepreneurs.


She’s a passionate writer (has written a full 13-episode Single Camera Comedy), and is an upcoming author of her new book on Manifesting Success, Abundance and Happiness in-development!

She loves helping others step into their true self, own their confidence on camera, speak their bold authentic voice, and design businesses they love! So that they can create incredible high-end programs and packages, master irresistible offers (on and off camera), align with their dream clients and manifest more abundance and money-making opportunities. 

Jade has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs and artists around the world through her workshops, events, courses, programs, and through her 5-Star Rated Podcast on Apple and Spotify.

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